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A single Chinese porcelain white ground 18th century floral painted vase lamp, circa 1780.
Height: 9 in., Depth: 7 in., Width/Length: 7 in.

Pair of French gilt bronze-mounted turquoise Chinese porcelain gored design vases, circa second half of the 19th century, porcelain possibly 18th century.
Height: Height: 11 in., Depth: 4 in., Width/Length: 4 in.

A massive pair of Chinese porcelain Gu shaped vase lamps with figurines mounted on a Rococo bronze base, 20th century.
Height: 26 in., Depth: 12 in., Width/Length: 12 in.

A pair of Chinese porcelain round yellow vases lamps with engraved dragons, circa 18th century.
Height: 9 in., Depth: 8.5 in.

A large pair of rose medallion Canton palette Chinese porcelain covered jars with Foo dog handles, circa 1860.
Height: 24 in., Depth: 9 in., Width/Length: 9 in.

A pair of Chinese porcelain blue and white covered jars with Chinese folklore animal paintings and Foo lion finials mounted on silver bases, 20th century.
Height: 28 in., Depth: 13 in., Width/Length: 13 in.

A pair of fine jasper jade Chinese hand carved cranes with water lilies and chicks.China 20th century
Height: 24 in.

A sensational, rare and massive pair of jasper jade lanterns with branches and elaborate carvings of dragons, water lilies, reticulated lattice work with chains and drops. Held up by hand-carved wooden dragon stands. This pair is an exact copy from the collection of the Forbidden City Palace in Beijing, China. Mid-20th Century
Height: 7 ft. 10 in., Depth: 36 in., Width/Length: 30 in

A pair of Chinese carved spinach jade covered vessel lamps. 20th Century
Height: 17.5 in., Depth: 6 in., Width/Length: 9 in.

An orientalist bronze-mounted Chinese rose medallion Canton figurine painted lamp, circa 1840
Height: 20 in.

A pair of fine jasper jade Chinese hand carved cranes with water lilies and chicks.China 20th century
Height: 24 in.

A pair of bronze mounted Chinese, porcelain white ground, bottle shaped vases painted with fire blowing dragons, Circa 19th century.
Height: 29 in.

A pair of Chinese standing Blanc de Chine Kuan yin, one is in the sea and the other with a flower basket at her feet.
Height: 24 1/2", Second Height: 37"with shade

A pair of 18th century Chinese deity, one symbolizing good fortune and the other symbolizing abundance.
Height: 27", Second Height: 39"with shade

A pair of Chinese carved white jade vases with elephant handles and finials and applied carved agate scenes of ducks in the ponds mounted as lamps, circa late Qing dynasty. China 1900s
Height: 24 in.

A large pair of Chinese rose medallion vases with raised enamel paintings of butterflies and flowers on a gold colored ground with canton figurines. They are mounted with gilt bronze handles and bases, circa 1820.
Height: 25 in.

A beautiful pair of cobalt blue enamel Chinese porcelain covered jars with blossoms,flowers and branches painted in cartouches. China 20th century.
Height: 30 in.

A massive pair of Chinese porcelain aqua and burgundy flambe bronze mounted vase lamps.China 20th century
Height: 4 ft 1 in.

A pair of Chinese rose medallion covered jar lamps with canton figurines and Foo lion handles, circa 1850.
Height: 14'

A very fine pair of Chinese canton vases with figurine handles and finals lamps, circa 1810.
Height: 23"

A pair of Chinese porcelain rose medallion Canton vases with turned lip and Foo dog handles in black framed scenery typically done for the New England market, circa 1820.
Height: 13.5 in., Diameter: 7 in.

AA pair of Chinese porcelain famille verte ginger jars with enamel paintings of birds and flowers and braches with blossoms. The vases aesthetically beautiful proportions and elegant, circa 1860.
Height: 18 in., Diameter: 10 in.

A pair of patinated and gilded bronze statues of Egyptian guards by Picault, Circa 1880
Height: 31" with shade

A large pair of Egyptian female statues in green patinated porcelain on a granite plinth. Circa 1870
Height: 32", Second Height: 45" with shades

A pair of ox blood flambe glazed, with turned lip, Chinese porcelain bronze mounted vases, late 19th century.
Height: 35" with shade

A beautiful pair of circular shaped Chinese blue and white porcelain vases mounted on gilt bronze bases.20th Century.
Height: 37 in., Diameter: 9 in.

A superb pair of Chinese porcelain crackled glaze celadon vases with French bronze mounts, porcelain 18th century. The mounts late 18th/ early 19th century.
Height: 22", Second Height: 32" with shades(adjustable)

A pair of Mandarin figurines painted, mosaic patterned ground Chinese vases, Circa 1840.
Height: 15", Second Height: 28" with shade (adjustable)

A pair of French bronze mounted Chinese porcelain lapis colored canton figurines and coy fish, Qing Dynasty Chinese square shaped vases mounted as lamps,Circa 1800.
Height: 35", Second Height: 37"with shade (adjustable)

A beautiful pair of intricately carved large solid ivory figures of the Emperor and Empress on ivory pedestals,Circa 19th/20th century.
Height: 17 3/4", Second Height: 25"with shade