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A pair of sterling silver four piece duck family lamps, made by the workshop of Lisi, with sterling silver Hallmarks. The feather meticulously cut and applied to appear life-like. This process is involves sculpting the animals and casting it in sterling silver and artistically laying and soldering each strand of two to three inch comb like cut strands on top of each other to form a real life-like feather appearance. These sterling silver ducks are collectable art works. Similar works by the house of Buccellati will cost up to four times higher. Late 20th Century.
Height: 22 in., Depth: 9 in., Width/Length: 10 in.

A pair of rock crystal Chinese Gu vase lamps, 21st century.
Height: 20 in.

A pair of silvered gilt bronze statues of cupids holding up candlesticks by Christofle, signed Christofle, & CIE Co., circa 1960
Height: 10 in., Depth: 6 in., Width/Length: 6 in.

A pair of Egyptian prince and princess with offerings, by Emile Picault, signed and dated. Circa 1868.
Height: 21 in., Depth: 7.5 in., Width/Length: 7.5 in.

A massive pair of Renaissance style dark patinated bronze lamps,by E.F.Caldwell,Circa 1900.
Height: 25 1/2", Second Height: 38" with shade(adjustable)

A pair of French spiral cut rouge marble lamps mounted with fine Rococo gilt bronze de´cor on paw feet, stamped Colin & Cie, foundry, Cachet, circa 1880.
Height: 14.5 in., Depth: 8 in.

A pair of Roman style silver gilded bronze vases mounted on black onyx pedestal, Circa 1880.
Height: 36", Second Height: 38" with shade (adjustable)

Pair of gilt bronze with torch head in Louis XV style ,Circa 1900.Signed by E.F. Caldwell. A massive and rare pair of lamps by this American master.
Height: 22 3/4", Second Height: 32 1/2"(with shade)

A pair of Jacob Petite vases with applied fruit, flowers and birds on flower petals. France Circa 1850, Underglaze J.P. stamp
Height: 27 in. Depth: 7 in.

An impressive and large pair of French patinated bronze figurine statues of Putti at play. France 19th century.
Height: 33 in.

A pair of Empire style winged maidens with neoclassical scrolls on tripod bases, circa 1880.
Height: 17 in. Depth: 8.5 in.

A pair of Meissen porcelain gray rabbits, one licking paw and the other eating greens, Circa 1880.
Height: 19 in.

A pair of Madagascar ammonites mounted on modern blackwood bases. The fossilized shells circa cretaceous period. The bases new.United Kingdom 2000.
Height: 25 in. Depth: 6.5 in.

A pair of pink quartz engraved bronze mounted lamps.
Height: 32 in., Depth: 4.5 in.

A beautiful porcelain swan lamps,by Meissen. Circa 1890
Height: 8 3/4"swan with base, Second Height: 19"with shade

A pair of English combination black and white marble vase lamps with gilt bronze mounts and flame finial, Circa 1850.
Height: 15", Second Height: 26 1/2"( with shade)

A rock crystal, natural state, boulder lamp.
Height: 26 in., Depth: 8 in.

A pair of rock crystal campana shaped vases with a silver gilt base. Natural variagated patterns and inclusions expected in this natural crystalized stone.
Height: 26", Second Height: 29" with shades

A pair of deep relief cast bronze floor lamps, by E.F.Caldwell Circa 1900.
Height: 68"

A pair of extremely high quality cast and silvered torchieres on tripod paw feet,attributed to E.F. Caldwell,Late 19th century.
Height: 72"

A pair of gilt bronze female and male candlestick on marble pedestals, by Caldwell.
Height: 18 in.