A pair of Baccarat glass chandeliers, Baccarat, France, late 20th century.
Height: 44 in., Diameter: 32 in.

A pair of cage metal chandeliers with rock crystal drops and amethyst rosettes. 21st Century.
Height: 46 in., Diameter: 25 in.

A one of a kind commissioned E.F. Caldwell chandelier by renowned early 20th century architect Sanford White. By repute commissioned for a foreign US embassy. The glass attributed to Tiffany studios. This chandelier was auctioned in the 1920s as a Tiffany chandelier. Auction catalog is available, circa 1920.
Height: 42 in., Diameter: 33.5 in.

An exquisite and massive gilt bronze and frosted glass lantern by E. F. Caldwell, circa 1900.
Height: 5 ft. 1 in., Diameter: 28 in.

A one of a kind pair of silver bronze Neo Gothic Moorish, with elaborate reticulated open work and highly engraved, Griffin candleholder chandeliers attributed to Tiffany studios, Circa 1900
Height: 4 ft. 2 in., Diameter: 30 in

Fine quality French silvered bronze regency style chandelier, Circa 1860
Height: 36 in., Diameter: 23 in

A silvered bronze French Regence style chandelier adorned with bacchus busts and ram's heads and ladies busts with ribbons and berried finial, circa 1880.
Height: 4 ft. 2 in., Diameter: 34 in.

A very fine quality French gilt bronze Louis XVI style 12 light berried floral swag masked faces with cornucopia crested rock crystal drops and urn ribbon detail. Circa 1870.
Height: 4 ft. 6 in., Diameter: 32 in.

A French gilt bronze rock crystal and beaded drop cage chandelier, circa 1900.
Height: 42 in., Diameter: 30 in

A massive French crystal chandelier, circa first half of the 20th century.
Height: 5 ft. 2 in., Diameter: 48 in

A pair of black patinated and gold colored bronze Renaissance style chandeliers, by E.F. Caldwell, Circa 1900. Impressed with makers mark for E. F. Caldwell
Height: 72 in., Diameter: 33 in.

A French gilt bronze, rock crystal chandelier with a foliate pattern and scrolled shaped arms, Circa 1890.
Height: 45 in., Diameter: 20.5 in.

An impressive chandelier with gilt bronze branches in Neoclassical ribbon wreath design with heavy rock crystal at the center core and branches, by Henri Vian, France circa 1860.
Height: 82 in., Diameter: 39 in.

An exquisite chandelier with a gilt bronze multifaceted body with scrolled emblems and a tasseled drop, circa 1920, by E.F. Caldwell.
Height: 50 in., Diameter: 32 in.

A pair of gilt bronze French,Rococo style, six branch chandeliers with patinated bronze putti and porcelain flowers.Circa 1870.
Height: 38 in., Diameter: 22 in.

A French gilt bronze chandelier with elaborate center mount rock crystal and multi faceted cut drops. Circa 1870.
Height: 40 in., Diameter: 26 in.

A very fine gilt bronze chandelier with sitting maidens on a beaded edge frame playing a musical instrument with various colored crystals, Circa 1840.
Height: 30 in.

A French gilt bronze oval form four light chandelier with ram heads, floral swags and beaded drops, Circa 1880.
Height: 28 in., Depth: 22 in.

A rare and massive Baccarat gilt bronze statuary and multi faceted cut crystal 32 armed chandelier. Manufactured by Baccarat. Crystals and bronze both stamped Baccarat. France Circa second half of the 19th century.
Height: 5 ft. 5 in., Diameter: 40 in